Nikon 100 Years
Celebrating the 100 years of the brand Nikon.
Concept & Art Direction


In 2018, the iconic camera brand Nikon turns 100 years.

Nikon Germany opens in the NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf with curator Damian Zimmermann, introducing photo theme “Life 24/7 – 100 Years Nikon”. On top of this event, Nikon is in needs of a broader digital awareness.

Goals: Find a new and interesting way to celebrate the 100 years of Nikon, also find a system to celebrate the Nikon users and involve them.

Challenges: Avoid creating an auto celebration of the brand, keep in mind the past and future of photography, inspire the next generation of photographers.

Contribution: I worked on the concept and ideation of the digital awareness and curated the partnership with EyeEm. I was responsible for the art direction of the online and social materials. I supervised the EyeEm mission.


To celebrate the 100 years of Nikon, we partnered with the photo platform EyeEm, on their photo platform we launched a new mission based on the yellow brand colour from Nikon, highly recognisable, and called it #PaintTheTownYellow.  


We produced stories and interviews about Nikon and EyeEm. We promoted them on their online and social channels. The campaign encouraged people to submit their photos on the EyeEm mission platform, creating a benchmark for the future of photography.



This project was featured on as creation of the day

The mission “Paint the Town Yellow” has been the most successful ever, with more than 80.000 submissions.

In a few weeks, we flood the Internet with the iconic colour that has become the trademark of Nikon. All images were gathered on the EyeEm platform, serving as inspiration for amateurs and professionals long after the mission ended.

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