Nikon D850
Nikon's largest global launch campaign.
Concept & Art Direction


Throughout a century since its founding, Nikon has continued to win customer trust by contributing to the development of society with products and solutions based on its core optoelectronics and precision technologies. After completing the restructuring that began in November 2016, it will be crucial to further push these strengths and be the “new eyes for people and industry”.

Goals: Create the digital communication to promote and showcase the new camera, Nikon D850, and the 100th anniversary of Nikon’s funding campaign.

Challenges: The global campaign needed to be distributed across several markets, and be adapted to different media channels. The promotion of a new product needed to reach a specific target group. The “power of light” theme had to be included in the campaign.

Contribution: I was involved in the concept and the ideation of the digital and offline campaign. I provided art direction for the photo and video shoot. I communicated with the ambassador and the representative client. I supervised the post-production and preparation of the final assets.


To prove the game-changing capabilities of Nikon’s most advanced DSLR camera to the world, we challenged four of Nikon’s top ambassadors to be the first to use the D850 to take the shot of their lifetime.

Shooting & preparation

We followed each photographer around the world in pursuit of their dream shot – capturing the determination, passion and hard work that lies behind great photography. The resulting documentaries shot entirely on the D850 by award-winning documentarian Mark Bone, take viewers from the heart of Africa to the historical splendour of Budapest, to ancient Sicily, to the grit of urban Athens.


We created four long-format documentaries (4 to 5 minutes), supported by multiple TVCs, key visuals, print, and social content for each photographer. The documentaries and supporting materials were distributed globally.

Campaign Trailer

Trailer 1min

Joe Mcnally

Tvc 30s

Rosita Lipari

Tvc 30s

Delly Carr

Documentary 4min

David Yarrow

Tvc 30s


The D850 won Camera Grand Prix Readers Award and Editors Award in 2018.

Nikon restructuring and strong D850 sales lead to a 8x increase in annual profit.

The D850 has sold out worldwide shortly after its launch.

The Delly Carr documentary was shortlisted for Long Form Cinematography in the Ciclope International Festival of Craft 2018.

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