Condor Home Plane
Using technology & flight data to reduce worry.
Concept & Art Direction


When you´re going on a trip without your partner or parents, they will worry about you. They will be anxious until they will know that the plane on which you are flying has landed. And what is the first thing you do when the plane on which you are flying lands? You send a message saying that you landed safely to your loved ones.


We create a levitating lamp with a model of a Condor aeroplane that lets your loved ones see where you are during your flight. The lamp is connected to flight data, so your partner/parents just need to add the flight number of your flight. When your plane takes off, the model lifts from your partners/parents table and starts to levitate. It will levitate for as long as your plane is in the air. As your plane lands at its destination the model comes down to the base of the lamp, confirming that you have landed safely.

Technology involved

The Condor Lamp uses an IR sensor to adjust the electromagnetic field, levitating and maintaining a constant distance between the base and the aeroplane model. Just by connecting your mobile to the lamp via Bluetooth and inserting the flight number, you will be able to track the flight status. The floating element amplifies the effect of the flying plane, which appears to be an illusion until you get up close.

Next Project
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