Audi TT Brochure Hack
Using conductive print, we turned the conventional brochure into a smart surface.
Concept & Art Direction


Audi’s sleek, new TT model features a “virtual cockpit,” a digital dashboard designed to enhance the driver’s experience. To help inspire prospective buyers and get them one step closer to sitting in the driver’s seat, Audi hacked the conventional sales brochure, an important touchpoint in the customer journey.

Goals: Inspire prospective buyers and get them one step closer to sitting in the driver’s seat.

Challenges: Bring digital into a traditional media, connect a physical object with a digital companion app.

Contribution: Concept and idea creation, design of the final product, design of the digital interface of the app, production and cut of the app videos.


Using conductive print, we turned the conventional sales brochure into a smart surface, enabling haptic feedback. An embedded Bluetooth chip delivered a seamless experience between the page and the user’s phone, transforming every touch on the page into a rich product demonstration.


Thanks to augmented reality, potential buyers could launch the app, place their smartphone on the brochure, and touch hotspots on the page to navigate the display. The companion mobile app served also as a booking channel, allowing users to configure the car and request a test drive.

1st Augmented reality brochure
15 Cockpit modes to explore
75 Configurable options


This tech hack turned a static brochure into a storytelling platform. It also got Audi customers one-step closer to driving the TT by letting them book a test drive directly from the app.

The Audi TT Brochure Hack closed the gap between virtual and physical worlds in a way that delivered real value and transformed how Audi can engage with customers through experiential direct marketing.

Cannes Lion Bronze “Mobile – Creative use of Technology”
FWA Mobile of the Day
Epica Awards Creative Communications section
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