Nikon D850

Global campaign for the new Nikon camera

Insight and Idea

We have been approved by Nikon to create a full campaign for the lunch of the new D850. A game changer camera, with high performances also at high speed.

The new Nikon D850 would have been the difference maker in photography and videography, we decided to highlight and define the new camera by involving four globally renowned photographers in the fields of wedding, nature, commercial and fashion. My role was to follow the creation of the wedding-related campaign.

Outcome and impact

We followed the award-winning wedding photographer Rosita Lipari while she introduces the new Nikon D850 with a tale of her own. Inspired by the high resolution and high speed of the camera, Rosita weaves a beautiful love story with intricate details. To her, the D850 is the next chapter in wedding photography.

The final key-visual


Sarah-Leith Izzard
 Creative Director
Mike Pearson 
Creative Director

Mark Bone 
Film Director
Diego Margini
 Senior Art Director

Backstage images