Nikon 100 Years

100 years of Nikon celebration campaign

Insight and Idea

To celebrate the 100 years of the brand Nikon we developed the campaign “Living 24/7 -100 Years Nikon” – a look into the past of photography for the next generation.

Video and image teasers

Outcome and impact

The big photo campaign “Life 24/7 – 100 Years Nikon” opens in the NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf. Curator Damian Zimmermann and the Artistic Director of the NRW Forum Alain Bieber stage iconic Nikon photographs of the last decades.

Together with that, we also decided to do a cooperation with the EyeEm image platform. Here photographers are called to the mission “Paint the Town Yellow”. Over 80,000 submissions have been uploaded within the first few days.

Screenshot of the mission page on


Marc Isken Creative Director
Jeremy Hofmeister Mac Lynn Creative Director
Kim Hartmann Concept Developer
Diego Margini Senior Art Director
Cristian Costea Senior Art Director


Campaign of the day
Eyeem most effective photo camera mission
Winning photo by Dirk Hoffmann