Concept and identity for the first vertical farming restaurant in Berlin

Insight and background

GOOD BANK is the first restaurant in Berlin using vertical farming technologies. Assuring always extremely fresh and completely bio salads, that they serve in their gourmet level bowls.

Good Bank not only brings together food and tech but combines it with a great passion for creating something special with every bowl. The emotional aspect of Good Bank stills the fear of the new technology and gives the restaurant a unique character.

Concept and identity creation

Due to the boldness of GOOD BANK, we went for a visual strong identity, with saturated colours and a modular system what will result in timeless and effective applications.

Together with a new visual identity, we create a strong claim for the GOOD BANK concept: Salad Fiction. Because GOOD BANK  is more than salad, it’s the taste of the future, which is fresher, healthier and tastier than ever before. The future is salad fiction.


Mandy Veloso Art Director
Jil Leister Art Director
Lennard Boekstegers Copy Writer
Diego Margini Senior Art Director

Augmented reality menus
Posters for the launch in Berlin