AMG Performance Wear

Art Direction for the new performance wear from Mercedes-AMG

Insight and Idea

AMG Performance Wear isn’t just another clothing brand for car enthusiasts. They are the world’s first real automotive clothing brand that makes you a better driver using high-tech and unique materials.

As a racer, every millisecond counts. And these clothes maker every detail count. Something especially important for picky AMG petrol heads, who’s racing hearts are always beating for higher speeds and more intense thrills.

Brand creation and Moodboards

Photo and video shoot


We are the world’s first automotive wear

Petrol heads by heart
Fuelled by adrenaline and thrills
We feed on the fumes of pride and joy
For us, driving is more than transportation
It’s a rush that makes our heads clear and awake
It is a way of life
Inspiring us to merge performance with style & comfort Making you one with your car
By bridging the gap between man and machine We are AMG Performance Wear
Made by racers. For racers.


Diego Margini
 Senior Art Director
Kim Hartman 
Senior Copywriter