My name is Diego Margini. And I’m a Berlin based Visual Interactive Designer working in Ui design, interaction, digital publishing, web design, graphic and typography.

I’m interested in mobile and user interface designs, responsive design and user experience.

I work with advertising agencies and startups, i offer my skills to create new and interesting projects.

I love to work in team with people who have different skills and backgrounds, i love to provide ideas and inspirations, I am neat and precise, able to work in stressful situations and give the best.

For me be part in a project is of crucial importance, and I pay great attention do my best and to elaborate all details. I want to be proud of my creations but i think there is always the possibility to improve and learn, and I want to learn throughout my life.

My design philosophy embraces minimalism, simplicity and functionality, I often look back to design history to find the best examples of simplicity and I discovered that minimalism is often all too obvious while great simplicity can be practically invisible.

My goal is to improve my skills in typography and graphics, and adopt them for beautiful and functional designs.

My other interests are: indie games music, design, travel, art, street art, graphic, internet, mobile,  video making, photos, and I write for the famous on-line inspiration site KoiKoiKoi

I am available for full-time employment or freelance work.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to drop me a line.

E-mail: hi@diegomargini.com

Skype: Diego Margini

You can also find me on Dribbble and Twitter

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